Sustainable Nutes offers all natural, made in Hawaii organic plant food. Every ingredient straight from nature. Each liquid fertilizer batch is made by hand, supported by science, and loved by plants. These organic nutrients are perfect for soil, hydroponics, and aeroponics too. Make your plants happy today.

Sustainable Nutes, otherwise known as La’au (pronounced “lāh-‘ow”) Laboratories HI, LLC, is a Hawaii-based organic fertilizer manufacturer, operating on the island of O’ahu in Kailua, HI. As our name attests, we focus on producing the highest quality plant and microbe nutrients from sustainable local sources in support and implementation of reducing commercial agricultural (organic-certified) and seafood (fresh, wild-caught) industry waste streams. Our soured waste streams are recycled and repurposed for new beneficial products intended to care for agricultural plant crops, beneficial microbes, soil regeneration, and, overall, preservation of natural ecosystems

We utilize eco-friendly methods and procedures of composting, fermentation, aeration, and filtration to produce our natural plant nutrients intended for all plant-food and ornamental crops cultivated in the U.S. and abroad. And, even our packaging practices utilize eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious practices. Our products are 100% natural and organic, and do not include contaminants or chemical adulterations that compromise the risk of health, safety, and environmental revitalization. Our products are safe for everyone, from children to adults, animals, and our natural ecosystems. 

At this time, we offer two plant and microbe nutrient products for seedling/ cuttings, vegetative, blooming, and fruiting growth phases. Our ‘Ups’ Plant Boost Fish Fertilizer is made from fish bio-waste, plants (and parts), 10% molasses, and 1% acetic acid. Our ‘Inflo’ Flower Boost, a vegan fertilizer product, is made solely from plants (and parts), 10% molasses, and 1% acetic acid. These two products are 100% water-soluble and capable of being used as either a supplement (for combinatorial nutrient-feed schedules) or standalone nutrient fertilizer. 

Sustainable Nutes’ products are intended for indoor and outdoor potted plants, African violets, annuals, fruit trees, fuchsias, gardenias, herbs, hibiscus, orchids, ornamental flowering trees, perennials, succulents, and vegetables, as well as cannabis/ hemp. They may also be applied throughout a plant’s life cycle from seed to harvest, and it can also be applied to soilless media blends/ mixes and natural soil for nutrient replenishment, amendment, and overall regenerative efforts in-between cultivation seasons. 

These nutrients are gentle on seeds and flowers, and is a great natural plant and microbe food product for all levels of cultivation experience. From novice to master-grower, or lead cultivator, these products will allow you the ease of automation, mixing, and application, without the unnecessary headache and stress of dealing with pH, nutrient toxicity, and nutrient lock-out symptoms. 

Sustainable Nutrients

We use 100% natural ingredients gathered from Hawaii. We partner with local businesses to upcycle organic waste to organic fertilizer.

Organic Plant Food

Choose organic plant food, well suited for for home growers to large scale commercial agriculture. What plants want!

Nature and Science

Sustainable Nutes products are 100% water-soluble and environmentally friendly, with only natural materials for liquid nutrients.

Experience Organic

Grow healthy thriving plants

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