About Sustainable Nutes & Our Organic Liquid Fertilizer


We are Earth-conscious gardeners, farmers, scientists, and hobbyists. Like many other horticulturists and enthusiasts, we are continually searching for the most efficient, economically-viable, and sustainable ways to produce healthy flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Our values are to support the environment and plant vitality. That is why our sustainable organic liquid fertilizer and plant and beneficial microorganism nutrients are always all-natural.

Supporting seedling, grafts, clones, and vegetative growth

Supporting blooming and fruiting


Our journey goes well beyond agricultural sciences and manufacturing sustainably sourced plant and microbe food.

We were founded as La’au  (pronounced “lāh-‘ow”) Laboratories HI, LLC in September 2016. There has always been a vision of sustainability for agriculture, botanical pharmacognosy,  microbiology, and plant-food production and technology.

We love science and to nerd-out, maybe even a little more than we should, but this love drives our specialized focus in agripharmatech sciences, environmental analytics and assessments, manufacturing, quality control, R&D, and farm and food waste-reduction. 

We source our natural and organic materials from local farms and fish suppliers. Meanwhile, our production conditions ensure our organic liquid fertilizer has the same great results with every batch and use. Everything from our manufacturing to our packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

Our products are available for both home-gardens and commercial ag-operations, and are available in volumes ranging from 50 milliliters to 55 gallons. Feel free to Contact Us for larger orders or with any questions.

We offer two main products: ʻUpsʻ an all natural plant food, and fish fertilizer. Additionally, we offer ʻInfloʻ bloom food with a phosphorous and potassium fertilizer.

Company Values

We believe in empowering home growers and commercial operations with natural liquid plant nutrients. These boost mycorrhizae networks in a variety of media. They do this while positively impacting soil regeneration and environmental health.

Operating Principles

We operate with an environment and family first mentality. Including the all natural production methods, sustainable sourcing, and great results. We use composting, fermentation, extraction, and other natural processes.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality organic based agricultural products, services, and education. These will focus on nurturing plants, soil, and regenerating sustainable environmental practices. All while providing a safe and effective product.

Our Team


Experience Organic

Grow healthy thriving plants

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