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We strive to continue learning, innovating, and educating to make our world a better place for all through sustainability and climate-smart agricultural practices and procedures.  Please run your own experiments, leave us comments and questions.  We hope the following posts inspire your curiosity!

Inflo Organic liquid fertilizer being applied to sweet potato

Plant Care: LivingSoil/ Mixed-Media & Beneficial Microorganisms, Part 1

To begin, let’s talk about time. Soil production in general is a natural process and takes time. We’re talking in good environments your soil will be ready in a few weeks in constant environments (tropical and temperate zones), but in fluctuating locales with unfavorable conditions (temperature, arid/dryness, humidity, etc.) it may take up to a month or longer. However, no matter your environmental conditions this will be very affordable, feasible, and sustainable, and giving a grower more or less control depending on how complex they prep their soil. 

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