ʻInfloʻ Bloom Food and Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer is an organic liquid fertilizer intended for flowering, fruiting, and budding growth stages. It is an all-natural product made from sustainably sourced plants and organic matter. This organic liquid fertilizer can be used on all mediums and contain no artificial chemicals. Good for the environment, good for plants, and safe for animals and humans.

Bloom Food, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer

Sustainable Nutes presents ʻInfloʻ Bloom Food, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer. Great for home gardeners and commercial farmers. This all-natural phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be added to any vegetative stage plant food and used throughout the entire plant life cycle. However, it is a perfect organic flower food for flowering, fruiting, budding, and ripening growth stages. ‘Inflo’ gives essential macronutrients for physiological development. It also enhances root zones and boosts ionic exchange and mycorrhizal activity.

Why use ʻInfloʻ from Sustainable Nutes?

This low pH organic liquid fertilizer is a plant favorite. It works for virtually any plant, especially during the reproductive stages. Our bloom food can promote optimal plant and flower development and enhance aromas, flavors, and overall quality. Use ʻInfloʻ on any medium, whether itʻs soil, potted plants, aeroponic or hydroponic gardening. It can also be used as a natural pH down.

What is this phosphorus and potassium fertilizer made from?

ʻInfloʻ is a vegan, all-natural liquid fertilizer. We make it with organic plant matter and 10% molasses through composting and fermentation. There are no artificial chemicals used in our approach. These nutrients deliver food to plants and support to mycorrhizae networks in a simple, usable way. Not only that, even the packaging is from sustainably sourced materials.

ʻInfloʻ Bloom Food, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer have a pH of 3.4. It also delivers phosphorus and potassium essential for flowers, fruits, vegetables, and root strength.

Are you looking for all-purpose plant food? Checkout ʻUpsʻ our all-natural plant food from fish fertilizer.  Apart from the packaged directions, make sure to look at our organic gardening instructions and Frequently Asked Questions.

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5 gallon, 750 ml, 8 fl oz, 100 ml, 50 ml


  1. Mello Brown (verified owner)

    Used inflo during my last breeding run and inflo works well as a additive to give them the extra boost

  2. Allblind_hawaii @IG

    Great nutes, and easy to use! I recommend for all organic growers!❤️‍?

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