ʻUpsʻ All Natural Plant Food and Fish Fertilizer is all-purpose and can be used for all growth stages. Give your plants the upper hand during seeding and vegetative growth stages. This organic liquid fertilizer comes from organic plant matter and non-treated fish scraps through an all-natural composting and fermentation process. Use this sustainably sourced nutrient solution in home gardens and commercial agriculture. It works on virtually any medium, including soil, hydroponics, and aeroponics. Get happy and healthy plants year-round.

All Natural Plant Food and Fish Fertilizer

Sustainable Nutes presents ʻUpsʻ All Natural Plant Food and Fish Fertilizer. These all-natural plant food nutrients deliver essential macronutrients and micronutrients needed for healthy plant development. We lovingly produce ‘Ups’ from a solution of all-natural fish scraps and organic plant matter. Plants process ʻUpsʻ Fish Fertilizer better than traditional ammonium-based fertilizers. Not to mention itʻs better for the environment.

Why use ʻUpsʻ from Sustainable Nutes?

We offer a source of all purpose plant food from our burn-free fish fertilizer and organic liquid nutrients. It also delivers a healthy source of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and other trace minerals. That means you can use ‘Ups’ on any plant, at any time, on any medium, with whatever your style may be. Even our packaging and processing methods are done in the most sustainable way possible.

What is this nitrogen boost fertilizer made from?

Along with the plant matter and fish scraps, ʻUpsʻ nutrients are produced in the digestive (or fermentative) process. Organisms like Earthworms, fungi, and bacteria help breakdown organic matter and deliver these nutrients for roots to process. We even get black fly soldier larvae as a by-product. The fish comes from wild-caught, untreated scraps that would otherwise go to waste.

ʻUpsʻ All Natural Plant Food and Fish Fertilizer gives plants primary and secondary nutrients, amino acids, and much more, and can be used as an all purpose fertilizer. That helps them grow strong and steady and helps plants become more disease and pest-resistant.

Are you looking for something to help plants during the flower cycle? Please take a look at ʻInfloʻ our organic phosphorous and potassium (P & K fertilizer) booster.  Apart from the packaged directions, make sure to look at our organic gardening instructions and Frequently Asked Questions.


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5 gallon, 750 ml, 8 fl oz


  1. Selma

    Ꮃhat’s ᥙp, this stuff worked great for my sustainable plant garden.

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